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A Great Start to 2016

Well, so far 2016 is off to a magnificent start. Reminded Designs finally has its very own, brand new website!!!!  Yeeee!  As there is no better motivator than a deadline, I was able to launch the new site 45-minutes before  applying to a market that I've always wanted to get into. This is a market that is extremely competitive (especially for jewelers) and I knew I had to bring my A-game. I am so excited that I decided to launch the site earlier than expected, even though it didn't come close to resembling the finished product I had in mind, it was all worth it when I received my acceptance email from "Make It!" -the market that I am so thrilled to be participating in (April 22-24 Vancouver). 

January was also a very busy month organizing and executing our very first photoshoot. We were able to shoot both Reminded Designs Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbooks. I cannot wait to share with you the gorgeous shots that Elle was able to capture. Not to mention how much fun we had. 

Then it was off to Tucson I went! Tucson is home to the world's largest Gem, Mineral and Jewelry show. Every February, just under 4000 vendors from all over the world set up shop in over 40 locations in Tucson to sell their gems, minerals fossils, and jewelry. Visiting this trade show has been on my bucket list for over 7 years now. It was absolutely overwhelming to say the least. Three, eight-hour days, did not come close to enough time needed to even skim the surface of this event. Nor did my budget for that matter. LOL.  Needless to say, I can't wait to start creating with all of the new components and pendants that I was able to find. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! 

So, all in all, the first month and a half of this new fabulous year of 2016, has been very productive, exhilarating and pretty much how I expect the rest of the year to be. Wishing for you, the exact same! Here's to 2016!!!