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You are more than one story; you are the assemblance of people, places, moments and experiences that weave together into a much larger, richer and unique story.

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To create (a person) to remember; cause (a person) to think of someone or something - reviving memory of something; reminiscent.

"Reminded Designs" handmade jewelry is designed to not only adorn and enhance the wearers natural beauty, it also serves to remind us of what is truly important in life. Here at Reminded Designs we believe that the purpose of life is to grow, evolve, learn, love, share, serve and live as fully as we can. We are all born knowing. Knowing our truth, our value and our purpose. Somewhere along the way we forget. Reminded Designs Jewelry collection was created to bring you back into that inner wisdom - to “Remind” you of your unlimited power, your innate worthiness and ultimately your truth - that you are, and have always been, more than enough exactly as you are. Each piece of jewelry by Reminded Designs is accompanied by a beautifully written card with messages that serve as reminders of Universal Truth, and are designed to offer comfort, direction and an awakening of your inner wisdom. 

Each piece is personally designed and specifically named to remind us of the simple truths in life that when embodied, creates a balance between inner and outer beauty. 

Who's Behind Reminded Designs?

Christa Nilles; Entrepreneur. Designer. Manifestor. Mother. Christa wears many hats in her life, but her passion for connecting with people, with nature and with herself fuels her enthusiast to create unique jewelry pieces. Reminded Designs is more than a simple jewelry brand; it's a way of thinking and believing in yourself.

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Thank you for the beautiful necklace and on-time delivery. I love how it is dainty but sturdy and a bit bigger than the ones sold in the store, which are small. Very satisfied in every way!

Vancouver, BC

I am a returning customer because I love the quality & beauty of the items. Also, A+ on Customer Service! I will buy again & again. Make excellent gifts for everyone.

Seattle, WA

Surprisingly fast shipping! Wonderful gift for a fashion savvy sister-in-law!

Laurel, MS

I never thought it would be so easy and affordable to get a 'customized' piece of jewelry!

Kelowna, BC

Gorgeous piece! I get compliments every time I wear it. Thanks so much!

Los Angeles, CA



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